Sunday, July 25, 2010

New Acquisition

Apart from RPG-ing, I'm trying to get some gaming time in for airsoft. I believe this is also called 'skirmish' in other countries. Airsoft guns (or automatic electric guns- AEGs) are replica-type battery powered airguns which fire 6mm plastic pellets. We form up in teams, put on our gear (and masks!) and take to the hills for a day of exercise and fun. My doctor says I need to exercise more so I'm going back to this old interest of mine.

Things got more interesting now as I joined up with some friends who are part of a world war II re-enactors' group. I thought this was impossible in Asia but was recently glad to be proven wrong. We have such a group here after all!

There's a big 'Axis vs. Allies' game set for this Sunday and I'm trying to assemble my kit to be able to join in. So far, I have the gun. The pictures I am posting are of my recent acqustion: a 1:1 scale converted airsoft PPSH 1941 submachinegun. As you may have guessed, I'm assembling a reenactor's kit for a Soviet infantryman, circa 1943.

This AEG started life as an all-China made (ACM) M14. My friend Jimmy is a master craftsman who, apart from reenacting also rebuilds and converts existing AEG models into world war II smallarms. He had the barrel shroud machined and fitted it into the weapon's forestock which he replaced. The drum magazine is a joy since I figure it holds about a thousand bbs. It is an integral drum so I'll just be pouring in the bbs instead of slapping a new mag or ammo drum into the gun.

I can't wait to get my uniform later this week. If the hobnail boots aren't ready by then, I'll have to stick to puttees and a pair of brown shoes. I'm not sure this will be good for trekking in the jungle....


  1. Very cool. I haven't been airsofting since before my son was born-5 years!- the fact that you boys combine your airsoft with reenactment is extra cool so I'm double jealous. Good luck!

  2. I can relate- the last time I was really airsofting was in 2002. The hobby took a backseat on account of work, getting married, having kids, etc. I hope you get to return to airsofting. :) Actually, it was my buddy who is into reenactments who got me back into this. Where did you use to play airsoft?