Sunday, June 26, 2011

Epic battle

My head is still spinning. We had our regular Mutant Future game today. Fifteen player characters and NPCs in the adventuring party. Just when I expected them to run, the players dig in resolutely and FIGHT! A reinforced platoon of mutant 'human mercenaries assault their prepared positions. Supporting dragoons make a nuisance of themselves, sniping and harassing.

The result: three solid hours of good old fashioned combat and killing. The final tally: six dead characters and the reinforced platoon of attacking mutant mercs scattered and fleeing. The butcher's bill proved a heavy price indeed.

Two things everyone learned today with a definite emphasis:

First, friendly fire, ISN'T. Mutations harm friend and foe when badly used. Today's use of Killing Sphere came close to wiping out the party as well as the attacking point squad. Reminded me of a wayward arty strike landing on your own positions.

Second, snipers kill from a distance. One of two pure human player characters found out the hard way. I guess he should have been paying more attention and asking why the Mutant Lord was still counting initiative when every enemy in sight appeared to be dead....

Oh well, happy times....


  1. Were the Players excited and happy/psyched? :D
    --If so, it appears to be a success.

  2. Absolutely thrilled! I had to stop the game already as it was past quitting time :) that and a ton of good natured ribbing for the dead characters....

  3. Man, I want to play in your games!!
    Did you ever post your House Rules for Sniping etc.?? That was one request my players had for Mutant Future some more options in combat i.e. Called Shots, Sniping etc..
    Sounds like a blast!

  4. Hi Bill, lemme put them in for you perusal. Thanks for the words of encouragement :)

  5. Looking forward to seeing what you have worked up! More than happy to give kudos to where they are due.

  6. Always the adventure, always the action. I love your blog so much <3 :)

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  7. Many thanks for following the blog. :) I've been remiss in posting, my apologies. I'll endeavor to update you all soonest.