Monday, March 1, 2010

The New Generation

Apologies for a fairly long lull in posting. I’ve been downed by a bad cough and cold and am only just recovering now. I foresee that I may not be able to continue with this week’s scheduled game on Friday, what with the need to take things easy and more work that’s come in. On top of this, one of my legal assistants suddenly resigned, leaving us with a lot of backlog.

There’s always next week, so I hope my players bear with me on this. It seems I don’t get sick as much as I used to but when I do manage to catch a whiff of a bug the effects tend to be, well, debilitating.

As I spent most of the weekend just sleeping and resting, I was awakened yesterday afternoon by my four year old son, Joshua who grabbed a book from my bookshelf at the head of our stairwell at home. My son then sat down right in front of me and opened the book with great seriousness. He went on to start relating to me what he believed the book was about. With my brain still emerging from sleep and fuzzy from the meds I had to ingest, I remembered him talking about animals and sick creatures. He went on for about fifteen minutes and started counting the pages of the voluminous tome as well.

I finally could not restrain myself and, ambling over to Joshua, checked out what book he selected for that day. On earlier occasions, he pretty much did the same thing with my copies of Anderson’s ‘Young Flandry’, a collection of H.P. Lovecraft’s tales and ‘Germany’s Luftwaffe Ground Divisions’ by Osprey books.

Naturally, yesterday was quite different. As you can see in the enclosed photo, Joshua’s selection for Sunday afternoon was my very much dog-eared edition of Bruce Streling’s Schismatrix. Unless I am mistaken, I picked this one up during a trip to Melbourne, Australia in May 2000.

I’d like to think my kid is on the way to reading the great classics of SF and history. Who knows? Is it too far fetched to wish that this can get him started on this ‘gaming thing’ his dad is so gaga about?


  1. Glad to hear you're feeling better. Keep up with the meds and rest! We need you around.

    Hector's got a fascination with books now too, though he cracks open my wife's romance books alongside his own and my gaming and SF/F books.

  2. I found with Junior Grognard that 6.5 was about the right age to start - he's more or less old enough to handle the numerical concepts, work out which dice are which, handle multiple characters, not get (too) upset at character death - and 1e is no way too complex for him to grasp. He was delighted beyond words when he found that in a spell book he had picked off a dead MU was Magic Missile. "Do we need any other spells?"

    But four years old to sit and watch games going on I reckon is just fine.

  3. Hope you get to feeling better soon. Corrupting the next generation! A most important task!

  4. @Ka-Blog: I'm sure Hector is going to get a well balanced and varied selection of reading materials from his folks!

    @Daddby Grognard: Truly! I take it Junior Grognard loves magic users? I tend to favor them myself.

    @Brutorz Bill: Thanks buddy! Feel much better today. Yes, corrupting the next generation is our sacred duty. :)