Monday, January 4, 2010


Apologies to the readers of my blog. I've been out a lot on account of real world concerns and a return to work, work and more work. Gaming-wise, we just concluded our Mutant Future dungeon crawl in the lairs of the Buggems and while the penultimate adventure session had its' moments I'm rather pleased to report that all characters made it through alive (although some only barely). I'll be posting an adventure account asap.

To my players, I'm hoping that we can continue with our regular scheduled gaming this Friday as I'm slated to leave town by the end of next week - hence this means no Mutant Future next Friday, the 15th.


  1. Looking forward to your session log!
    I hear ya about work. It's kicking my butt as well.

  2. So true Bill, so true. I'm working on the log - should be finished by tonight if I can squeeze in some time to work on it to a conclusion within the day. Stay sane, my friend!