Tuesday, January 26, 2010

ML's notice to players: xps

This is an urgent message to my players who asked for xp computations:

The xps for the four surviving characters for Episode 7: 428 xp per character.

For episode 8, each of the 11 surviving characters gets 555 xp. In case you are interested to know, I exercised my discretion and imposed a 500 xp bonus for your nefarious plots during the game.

This is not including any gold pieces garnered by the party, so please bring this to my attention if any were listed in your loot list.

I confirm that we'll be having gaming this Friday, 29th January, 2010. Same time, same place.


  1. Yes, we do meet whenever we can, schedule permitting. Gaming is such a luxury as one gets older.

  2. Strange I also get this spam. This must be the advance chinese cyber spam Google was talking about.
    Google translates:

    "Meet no matter, do not come often sujin"

  3. Yeah? That's real weird. What are they trying to prove with all that spamming? Anyhow, you up to gaming this Friday? Did you get your lasik treatment already? Hope everything is ok with you