Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Proper Introduction

I was just stealing a sneaky break and by trawling the messages of my gaming egroups for the year 2009, I stumbled upon the introduction I cobbled up for some (expected) new players during the start of my ongoing Mutant Future game. I'm just posting it here for (1) posterity, (2) and additional information and insight into our present campaign. It goes something like this:

"The time of the Ancients is gone, and the world suffers under the light of a
blood red sky.

It is said that the race of men is old, older than we think. It is said that
long ago, the race of men sailed the empty gulfs of darkness between the stars
in the heavens in great ships that majestically glided throughout the void. Some
say this is how our world, benighted Cygnet Delta came to be our home.

It is said that out of the travails and chaos spawned by men's voyages
throughout the endless empty gulfs, an age of greatness and reason came to be.
It was a time of immense wealth and promise and they called it The Republic.

But out of that time of light followed a time of trouble, of hubris and sin.
Violence fed on anger and birthed such strife that all the good brought about by
men's blood and toil came to naught and was swallowed up by a ravening evil that
ultimately destroyed The Republic.

It was a time of portents and omens on the earth and in the heavens, until even
the sun began to die, seeming to fade before its time.

As the generations of light passed on, so were born the generations of darkness,
benighted and cursed under the blood red sky of Cygnet Delta.

This is a tale of such times and those who lived and died in them…"

Ah well, back to the salt mines for me now....

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